Brian Hatchet (Kotch)


This is my professional web site designed to show off my skills and provide me a sandbox for experimentation.

About this site

This site is the culmination of my full-stack skills. It is completely overbuilt, but I wanted to have a central place to show that:

  1. I can build a front-end in a modern framework like React / NextJS.
  2. I can a build a microserve backend in Node and Python.
  3. I can deploy an entire stack from Devops / Platform-As-Code / Infrastructure-As-Code mindset.
  4. I can demonstrate the various skills and challenges I have been asked to do as programming tests over the years.

The client is only the tip of the iceberg. It has some serious depth. It is:

  1. server-side-rendered
  2. strongly typed with Typescript
  3. lint-free and prettified
  4. modular / DRY architecture
  5. Semantic HTML5 and modular sass

It is dynamic

Presigned JWT tokens issued to the client and server secure api calls.

NextJSs api forwards calls to RESTful backends.